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Can I use .htaccess and mod_rewrite rules?

Yes, we have full .htaccess support.

Mod_rewrite is enabled and you will be able to use permalinks or any other rule.


What are your nameservers?


I lost my account details.




I get Internal Server Error.

Wrong .htaccess rules may broke your site. Just delete .htaccess file if you don't know how to fix the errors. We have apache 2.2 and some old rules will no longer work.


An Error has occurred! Unable to open configuration file to write!

Set permission for configuration file to 777 (full permissions) then back to 644, for security reasons.



My Account Level has been changed.

Level is automatically changed, depending on traffic, webspace used, CPU, RAM.


My mysql username and password doesn't work to login to PhpMyAdmin.

Log in to Account Manager then hit 'Create DB' button. Database/username must be created first.


I don't know how to create my database. I see No privileges under PMA.

Log in to Account Manager then hit 'Create DB' button. PhpMyAdmin is just a tool to administer your database(s).


I can't access my database with an external program.

Many people want to only use database, but their site is hosted elsewhere. We provide free database for websites hosted with us. For that reason, external access is blocked without exception.


What is database host?

Only localhost. External access is not allowed.


I can't delete files/folders under my account.

Fix Ownership feature @ Account Manager is for you.


Please delete my account.

We won't delete accounts on request. Inactive accounts are automatically deleted, so please don't ask.


Is there a way to create subdomains for my domain?

Go to the same form for domain registration (on the same server) and register, without www in front.


How to get full email support?

ONLY domain owners get full email support, for all others only php mail() is available. Read the tutorial.


Can I have more than one account?

Yes, but do not abuse.


What is server path for my site?


youraccount = (example) or


Please send me again ftp details.

Log in at Account Manager. There you will find all your details.

See also


I uploaded the files but my site doesn't display them.

Upload an index. Valid index files: index.html index.htm index.shtml Index.htm Index.html default.htm default.html home.htm home.html

Our servers have Linux and file name is case sensitive. So, InDex.htm or index.HTM is not the same with index.htm.


My site is full of 404 errors and broken images.

Firstly, check if the path for the file(s) is correct.

Secondly, file name is case sensitive. Image.gif is not the same with image.gif or image.GIF. These are 3 different things.


I encounter many errors, the script say to change file permission.

You can change file permission with your ftp client, in most cases click on Properties.

Also, you can do that with our control panel <---account manager. Click File Manager, select the file and click Set Permission.


How to upload my site?

The best solution is a ftp program, check our tools. But you can try File Manager as well <--- via Account Manager.


What Type Of Content Is Allowed?

Licensed/legal content only. Adult content is forbidden as well!


My site was suspended or deleted. Why?

Please read our terms carefully. We only delete accounts for terms infringement.

For small problems account can just be suspended. Contact us if your account display a forbidden error page to find out what was the reason.

Suspended accounts can be restored as soon as issue is solved.

Deleted accounts can't be restored, so don't ask!


My domain is not working.

If you already own the domain, just point it to our nameservers and create the account. Propagation can take few minutes up to 48 hours.

Domain is not free! To register a domain please go to


I'm allowed to add my own ads?

Yes. However, sites with excessive ads are not allowed for ad-supported service. With $1/month you can host any site.



Do you have file restrictions?

All files are allowed for upload but web server will not support all of them. You will see a warning for non-supported files (e.g. asp, pl, cgi)

There is a 12 MB file size limit for ftp upload.


If you still have problems, contact us. We will respond you ASAP.


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