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Remove ALL ads and get basic features + extra features:

- absolutely No Ads; faster access as ad-code is removed

- if you have your own domain you're allowed to use an A record instead of NS

- website will not be deleted for inactivity

- php mail() enabled

- more databases under the same account

- one click database backup

- max_execution_time and max_input_time increased

- direct access allowed for images, pdf docs, zip, rar etc.

- priority for technical advice


$1/month ($12 paid yearly). No setup fees, no hidden fees, no tricks!!!

Domain registration $11.99/year  with hosting ($12 + $11.99*)

* listed price for domain on  must not exceed $14

Use to send $12.00 / $22.99 (domain included) or

directly to our recipe paypal [@]

Don't forget to include your site (domain) in memo for fast processing. Inc. (Ohio, USA)

is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Free Web Hosting Area.


Hosting $1/month - yearly payment $12          Hosting + Domain ($12.00 + $11.99)


After payment please contact us to let us know what is the account you paid for.

Send $12 to our BTC address: 1GJ5duuZAbg2W3MXR6WGgaFhJmuaiT2AoR

Contact us after payment.

Send $12 to purse Z391562563866 (WMZ)

Include your site in memo and contact us after payment.


Check all hosting plans (FWHA Panel, cPanel).



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